Malvazija 2017

Malvasia has been a fi xture in our vineyards for 30 years. When we expanded the farm in 2011 and began with the restoration of our vineyards, we re-planted Malvasia. The fi rst harvests have already yielded excellent results.

The hand-picked grapes are brought to the cellar and left to macerate for 6 hours. They are then pressed and allowed to ferment in inox tanks, where the wine remains on fi ne yeast until April. After being moved and its subsequent maturation in the inox tanks, the wine waits for bottling.

Grape variety: Malvazija  100%
Geographical area: BRDA (Snezece,Slovenia)
Geographical protection: ZGP (protected geographical origin)
Name of vineyard, area: Pod hišo (0,7 ha)
Position: south-east
Elevation: 110m 
Soil: opoka (marl)
Training method: simple guyot 
Vine density: 6000 vines / ha (2,3x0,7m)
Planting age: 7 years
Yield per vine/hectar: 1,2 kg / 7000 kg
Harvest: by hand; 15, 23 September 2017


De-stemming and crushing
Pre-fermentation  maceration: 6 hours
Yeast: selected
Maturation: stainless-steel containers, 7 months on the lees
Malolactic fermentation: not made
Wine production: natural, traditional
Alcohol content: 13,5%
Total acidity: 5,30 g/l
Residual sugar: 2,0 g/l
Bottle ageing: 4-6 month
First vintage: 2013
Temperature of wine when served: 10-12 °C

Malvazija 2017