Robi Bučinel
Since I was a little boy, my life has been inextricably intertwined with working at the farm or in the vineyards. I have always been passionate about wine-making. The year 1985, when I decided to enrol in the Agricultural High School of Nova Gorica, marked an important milestone in my life. Simultaneously, my father,brother and I also decided to resume wine-making for sale. After completing my studies, I was hired by the Goriška Brda Wine Cellar in 1989, where I completed a laboratory internship. I remained with the wine cellar for 4 years as the Head of Cellarmen.

In 1994, I decided to dedicate myself fully to my family’s vineyards and wine cellar. The decision was made on the basis of a fully formed view of wine-growing and combined with my own approach. Having examined the situation, terrain, climate, the ideal grape harvest timing, I was able to identify the perfect combination of all of these vine-impacting factors. With the knowledge that vines serve as the basis for all wines, I have always grown them with an exceptional level of precision and dedication. Since their first bottling in 1992, Bučinel-branded wines have received several awards at various wine fairs both in Slovenia and abroad. In the first years after taking over the wine estate, I acquired adjacent plants, diligently and patiently restored them and planted vines in a way that has since then allowed me to produce wine that serves as the best reflection of the local terroir.
In addition to the terroir, grape growing is, in my opinion, significantly subject to the decisions and limits that the wine-grower sets him-/herself and complies therewith with a high level of self-accountability. 

My work follows tradition, respects the environment and nature and only interferes with the wine to a minimum extent. 

»Wine is my passion. It combines tradition, a love for nature and respect for the environment and people all in one.«


By interfering therewith only to a minimum extent, I have been able to ensure that tasting of our wines provides you with a sense of harmony that ties all of their elements into a harmonious whole, the latter also being a reflection of precision, hard and responsible work, dedication and intimate knowledge of my own vineyards.