We have been present on the wine market as long as we can remember, although at first only with unbottled wines. History has been turbulent, the borders were often moved and it was difficult to satisfy the needs of new markets. We have persevered with varieties that have proven to be the most suitable for our region, especially Ribolla and Merlot. During the second half of the last century, we let the Wine Cooperative decide our earnings; Robi was employed there between 1989 and 1994 as lead cellarman.
In the same period, we arranged all the necessary to start bottling wines and marketing our own products. From 1992 to 1998 we used our family name for our brand, but after moving the processing area to the new cellar (with the vintage 1999), we decided to change it to Dobuje. The cellar has a storing capacity of 1,000 ha of vine, which is almost three times more than our yearly harvest. We are convinced of the fact that wines rarely achieve their maturity in only a few months and that is why we store them in barrels and bottles for one, two or even three years.
Every vintage is different from the previous one, so we do not stick to any rules, except for one; the wine has to reflect harmony. “I look for harmony all around, in myself, in nature, in every product of the human hand and mind, and obviously in the wine,” is how Robi describes his motto in life and at work.