The Wine List

Our surroundings are reflected in the wines that we have to offer. The wines are made unique by the closeness of the Julian Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and Eocene flysch, rich in minerals but poor in organic matter. For this reason our wines are like enticing flowers with a vigorous body.
In the past, Austro-Hungarian oenologists have proven that Ribolla is among the best old vines and that even the very noble Burgundy and Bordeaux vines thrive in these conditions. Young white wines are predominant, but we do not neglect the red ones. Those who prefer vintage wines can choose between two blends: a red one, which is simply called Črno (Black), and a white one, which we called Maria Nevea in tribute to the patron of our village, Marija Snežna (Mary of the Snows).
We know that grapes from younger vines are more appropriate for young wine and that only grapes from older vineyards can become exquisite vintage wines.