Our farm lies in the heart of Brda, in the far west of Slovenia. Italy borders our country, but our vineyards intertwine with no apparent line of demarcation with the Italian Collio. The hilly landscape leans on the Kolovrat and Sabotin ridge, on the other side it descends towards the Soča river and the Friulian plain. The inhabitants of this region have discovered long ago that this territory and climate are appropriate for winegrowing. Or maybe the people did in fact inhabit this region with the intention of growing vines and to produce wine.
The name of our farm comes from the name of the field, where our property lies, with its house, processing area and cellar. Dobuje derives from dob (English oak, Quercus robur), a strong and sturdy tree of the oak family, which grew well in most parts of Brda. The farm is part of the village Snežeče, but it is isolated, for the closest houses are more than a hundred feet away, whereas the centre of the village is about a kilometre away. The rhythm here is slower, so in the evenings you can hear foxes bark, pheasants cry out from the bushes, deer jumping through the vineyards etc. We have learnt to appreciate this solitude and so have our guests.
Brda for us is a landscape with unique harmony. We have used the slopes of the hills to our advantage and found the best positions for each grape variety. The lines of the vineyards are skilfully drawn, leaving the forest to stretch very close to the village. Looking to the south we catch sight of the sea and to the north we are greeted by the rocky ridges of the Julian Alps. When we close our eyes, we enjoy the birds’ singing and the scents of nature. We try to express this world in our wines, its feelings, the harmonious coexistence of men and nature. You are kindly invited to enter our world. The world of Brda wines from Dobuje Farm.