The Bučinel Family

The surname Bučinel is not very common here in Brda, but we find the surname Bučineu for the first time in the register book of christenings of the vicarage in Biljana in 1808. Josip Bučineu (1808-1889) and Marija Jurič had four children, the first born Anton (1837-1912) became the next master of the farm.
He married Tereza Marinič, who gave birth to eleven children, the second Anton (1867-1917) stayed on the farm. The next master was his first born, Frančišek (1898-1968), and after him his youngest son, Roman (1940), who is still very much active round the farm, although he has entrusted the running of the farm to his youngest son of three, Robi (1970).
There were always many generations living under the same roof, so the collective knowledge was passed from one generation to another. Who of the seventh generation, Nina (2000) or Jan (2004), will one day take over the reins of Dobuje? This is a question that the young ones are not yet interested in.