Young wines

All the grapes are picked by hand and quickly taken to the cellar. The white varieties undergo a short maceration and are then pressed and left to ferment on selected yeasts. When the wine is fermenting lively, it is racked for the first time and left till May on fine lees. The second racking is actually a preparation for bottling and at the end of summer the wine is ready for sale.
With red varieties the maceration and fermentation last about a week. After the pressing, the fermentation is concluded in stainless steel containers, after that the first racking and one year of maturation. The wine is bottled more than a year after the grapes have been harvested and the bottles remain in our cellar for at least six months before being sold to customers.

Chardonnay 2009

This wine has cat like characteristics: it has nine lives, it always lands on its feet, it can be so alluring that it is difficult not to love it. It is distinguished by its rich bouquet, in which we perceive above all ripe fruits and bread crust. The accentuated minerality calls for dishes with a full flavour like grilled boletus mushrooms, fried seafood, grilled white meat etc.

Wine region: Brda, Slovenia
Vineyards: Hruševlje, Pod Hišo
Age of vineyards: 20–25 years
Harvest: 35 hl/ha
Soil: marl
Harvesting: hand-picking, mid-September
Vinification: maceration for 6 hours at 16°C, pressing with a pneumatic press, fermentation in stainless steel containers, where the vine matures for another 8 months on fine lees.
Alcohol: 14.0 % vol.
Sugar: 2.2 g/l
Total acids: 5.3 g/l